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     The most modern grain cleaner is an aerodynamic separation equipment with an advanced design in accordance with the latest engineering developments. Equipment of this type can ensure the removal of impurities with a guarantee of quality; the grain calibration is also carried out with high accuracy. Moreover, this applies to most crops, both food and forage or technical. It is intended for the seed preparation (harvest increase by 30-40%). Any farmer could prepare highest quality seeds.


Productivity: 5 t/h


Productivity: 15 t/h


Productivity: 20 t/h


Productivity: 30 t/h


Productivity: 40 t/h


Productivity: 50 t/h

Characteristics of our company's cleaning equipment

      The grain separation goes hand in hand with its cleaning, which is carried out by a powerful air flow, blowing away dust and light impurities. Bulky waste (heavy impurities) gets into the first tray, the second and third trays get the grains necessary for sowing (i.e. seed), the fourth and fifth trays – marketable grain, and the sixth and seventh trays – forage (feed for animals). Grains fall into the trays due to the aerodynamic properties of the separator (differ in weight and windage).

       It is possible to find many grain cleaning equipment in the presented assortment of the AG Energy Group, created by our engineers and at our own facilities. The Aerodynamic Grain Cleaners have affordable prices, so the purchase terms of ASM equipment is the most favorable. The catalog has a wide selection of various equipment for grain cleaning, which is also supplied to the foreign buyers.

Grain cleaner consists of:

  • feed hopper into which the raw material from the fields is loaded;
  • a cleaning chamber, where the raw material, that is, grain, is driven through an air stream and sorted into fractions;
  • trays for grain.

       The mechanics of operation are quite simple, therefore the aerodynamic grain cleaner is more reliable than other grain cleaners, does not need constant labor-intensive maintenance.

The advantages of our equipment

       The products of the AG Energy Group company have a number of advantages due to which they retain their popularity and leadership in the market:

  1. High quality. The metal body is created on CNC laser machines, has a layer of powder painting, and also contains components with European certification.
  2. The productivity of the equipment can be at the level of 5 tons per hour, which is suitable for small farms, and also produce 50 tons per hour for the activities of large farms.
  3. Energy saving. The most productive versions of equipment consume up to 3 kW of energy, which is quite economical compared to other equipment.
  4. Universal purpose. Aerodynamic machines allow you to process all agricultural crops, they do not have sieves, therefore, without additional manipulations, you can clean various raw materials. The accuracy of work is guaranteed by special modes that are configured before launch.
  5. Easy to use. Even without special knowledge, the grain cleaner can be operated without endangering health and the equipment itself. The control interface consists of a minimum of regulators and does not allow errors even with an unqualified setting.
  6. Equipment reliability. Aerodynamic models work great throughout the harvesting season. Practice shows the working of Grain Cleaners ASM for more than five years without serious maintenance and breakdowns even if it is not turned off for rest.
  7. Democratic cost. Using separator which is based on air streams, you can eliminate three other machines responsible for grain cleaning, sorting it and drying the grain – ASM does all the work.