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        You can purchase a sieve grain cleaner in the assortment of AG Energy Group, which has a high level of quality, despite the low cost. Our efficient equipment separates grain, as well as other crops: oilseeds, legumes and many others.The purchase of a sieve separator is the optimal solution for both large companies, whose main focus is work with grain crops, and individual farmers with a farm of any size.


Performance: 13 t/h


Performance: 27 t/h


Performance: 42 t/h


Performance: 52 t/h


Performance: 80 t/h


Performance: 160 t/h

Design features

      High-quality grain cleaning on a sieve is guaranteed by our efficiently designed equipment. Separators made according to air-sieve technology do not depend structurally on power, productivity and include four elements:

  • body that takes on the load;
  • sieves, which are securely fixed in the frame;
  • a drive device for removing impurities;
  • aspiration chamber as an accessory.

       The machine sieves thanks to the movement of the sieves, which are at different heights. Grain calibration is provided by means of cells of different diameters. Usually there are sieves on the top that remove waste and dust, there are some sieves that select the largest grains in the middle. As a result, the smallest grains fall down.

        In addition to productivity, we also note the compactness of the equipment, which definitely does not take up much space. They can be put in a small hangar or take a corner in the workshop; for farms of small productivity, this is a great option.

Benefits of contacting us

We manufacture our own equipment using our engineering expertise and capacities, therefore AG Energy Group is a popular manufacturer both among domestic and foreign buyers. Our equipment has a number of advantages:

  1. Effective cleaning of any culture at one time without additional manipulations.
  2. Universal arrangement, thanks to which it is possible to change the crops to be cleaned by changing the sieve to another. The task is simplified as the clamp mechanism provides high speed and ease of manipulation.
  3. There is no need to train personnel for working on the equipment – the machines are extremely easy to set up and use.
  4. Each device has a self-cleaning mechanism using special balls, so manual processing is not required. Despite this, waste does not accumulate inside, pests do not start, raw materials are protected from infections.
  5. You can fill in grain of any level of purity and moisture index for cleaning.

The construction of the equipment provides excellent cleaning results for a variety of crops without damaging them. To order the necessary sieve grain cleaner, please contact our managers by phone number or write to our e-mail.