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Grain Container

    AG Energy Group is engaged in the production of containers (bunkers) for small grain storage. It is an alternative to big bags. Bunkers 1 m3, 2 m3 and 3 m3 are available. Such a hopper is convenient and can be easily moved with a forklift. It is convenient to unload and you can easily control the unloading of grain thanks to the unloading hatch. The containers can be set in 2 levels. Additionally, it can be equipped with a cover. The container is made of galvanized steel, which will be more durable in operation. We also produce a stainless steel container for bulk food products or bulk mineral fertilizers (aggressive environment). This allows such containers to be used for a very long time without losing their functionality and appearance! Our hopper can be dismantled, its side walls are bolted with high-strength steel bolts. It is convenient for transporting it in a car – it takes up much less space when dismantled. For example, in a standard truck during transportation 100 pieces of such containers are placed.

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Characteristics of the container for 2 m3:

  • Collapsible galvanized container, metal thickness: 2 mm;
  • Hopper volume: 2 m3;
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg;
  • Weight: 215 kg;
  • Overall dimensions, mm:

– length 1734 mm;

– width 1220 mm;

– height 1480 mm;

  • Distance between loading forks: 710 mm.