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Modular grain dryer MSK

     Grain Dryer is used for drying seeds obtained from cereals, oilseeds, as well as legumes. This procedure is mandatory for food and feed products. Grain drying is carried out by grain cleaning lines for maximum grain quality.

    The MSK-type grain dryer measures moisture in the entire product flow, has sensors for determining the grain temperature in each of the production zones. The modular dryer blows air from a centrifugal industrial fan onto the grain to reduce moisture to optimum levels. By removing excess moisture, the grain is brought to the desired condition, acquires improved properties, it can be stored for a long period without deterioration in quality.

       Grain dryer is called modular due to the presence of modules that can be additionally added. The dryer consists of separate sections, the number of which is regulated depending on the required productivity.


To increase the volume of production you just need to add a module, because the principle of operation does not change:

  1. The grain is loaded through a special hopper onto the auger;
  2. The grain fills the space between the sieves, distributing bulk goods;
  3. Air is blown from both sides by centrifugal fans. They are better than axial fans because grain moisture is reduced faster due to the higher air flow;
  4. One of the air streams is heated by the burner, the second one enters the mixing chamber and then into the drying section;
  5. The grain is processed in the chamber, after which it comes out already dried and dehydrated.

     The operation of the equipment can be controlled in several stages thanks to the control panel, while the automatic system also works. It checks how evenly the air is distributed and whether it corresponds to the required temperature. Unloading is carried out by a special scraper conveyor located at the bottom of the drying equipment.

     Modular grain dryers can be considered an excellent helper for agricultural companies of any scale, from small farms to large holdings. With plans for expansion, it is worth considering the possibility of increasing volumes with the possibility of purchasing additional modules, thus, all equipment does not have to be purchased.

        MSC dryers assume the presence of modules in an amount of up to six pieces; in total, they give 100 tons of finished grain per hour under normal load. There is natural gas, propane-butane, even diesel fuel among the options for the operation of the equipment, thanks to which you do not have to experience difficulties with grain drying.


Thickness of grain column: 30.5 cm.

Number of fans, 2 pcs.

Centrifugal fan: 15 kW – 1 pc., 11 kW – 1 pc.

Filling auger’s engine power: 5 kW.

Unloading chain conveyor engine power: 2.2 kW.

Total height: 6.6 m.

Total length: 10.1 m.

Total width: 2.3 m.

Weight of the empty grain dryer: 5900 kg.

Productivity of MSK-1:

In “Drying” mode

Wheat 19% -15%: 23 t/h.

Corn 20% -15%: 25 t/h.

Corn 25% -15%: 17 t/h.

Barley 18% -13%: 12 t/h.

In “Drying and cooling” mode

Wheat 19% -15%: 19 t/h.

Corn 20% -15%: 14.5 t/h.

Corn 25% -15%: 9.5 t/h.

Sunflower 17% -10%: 8.5 tons/h.

Rapeseed 16% -8%: 5 t/h.